Friday, July 18, 2008

Sophie figured it out...after 4 years!

Whoever said that Golden Retrievers were naturals in the water didn't know my Sophie. We have been trying for 4 years to overcome a severe case of hydrophobia! Previous journeys near water resulted in screaming fits and racing panic in the dog...but not anymore! Sophie has channeled her inner swimmer and found the courage to take the big plunge! She is now a retrieving fool for the dummy in the water!

An interesting side note on today's adventure...

The flock of geese that has joined our farm was also swimming today. Sophie was so focussed on me and the dummy that she barely noticed the other bathers! She never even thought about leaving our fun to go chase the birdies. This, in itself, is a huge milestone for the Sofa Dog.

And now, the joy of getting out of the water...

She looks a little insane in this picture - but I love it!

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