Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa came - even for Mr. Cash!

Santa did not disappoint the goldens! Despite the rowdy behavior of late, presents were delivered for the furry kids in my house.

Mr. Cash, Sophie and Jesse all received stuffed ducks with Santa hats on - that honk! If you were not already aware of this, please take note... HONKING toys are the very best toys on the planet!

Sophie promptly took the hat off her duck. She felt strongly that ducks should not be wearing hats.

Jesse thought that Sophie's plan was a good one and made quick work of her duck's hat as well...

Mr. Cash had is toy in private and has managed to keep the hat. He is a metro sexual puppy - he likes accessories!

See... accessories! Isn't he the cutest?!?

The kids also got giant hedge hog toys. They also honk so they also rock :)

Santa also delivered an A-Frame and a new tunnel. That would be Santa:AKA Grandma & Grandpa for the A-Frame and Mikey for the tunnel!
We had a wonderful holiday and hope that you all had a blast as well!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Thought it was about time to share the 'good shots' from our holiday card shoot :)
Jesse - being the perfect pet as always... put the hat on and she turns into a statue instantly! What a good old gurly she is!
Sophie - though rather disgusted with the idea of WEARING the hat, she thought that holding the holiday toy was quite good and tried to smile with it in her mouth. If only we held the dumbbell that well in obedience...hmmmm...
Cash - Mr. Serious for the pictures...but the minute I put the camera down ~ look out! He's a holly terror the last few weeks. I guess that feeling better and gaining weight equals behaving badly! This is a very serious situation - Santa may not come for Mr. Cash if he continues down the naughty path!
Photo by my wonderful and patient Momma - Carol Durr
Cash, Lora, Jesse and Sophie in the front.
Hope this finds you all happy, healthy and done with your shopping!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

the bed buddies

Jesse - doing what she does best...cuddling! Poor Mikey - he's working way too hard lately :(
At least Jesse had time to nap with him :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008


My good friend Rocky stands in for Santa every year at our local feed store. All the locals bring their kids, dogs, cats and various other barn yard creatures to have a photo taken with Santa. We joined in the fun this year...

Left to Right: Sophie, Jesse, Santa Rock, Mr. Cash

Thanks to the crew at AGWAY in New Egypt for hosting this awesome photo opportunity :)

Looks like I should've asked Santa for a new pair of jeans!

First snow!!!

It wasn't much, but the first snow to fall and stick began last night about 7:30. It is so much fun to see how a puppy reacts to this monumental event in life. I still remember Jesse's reaction - she went out into the snow, threw herself onto the ground and began making her version of snow angels! Then there was Sophie - quite the girly-girl when it comes to weather! She took one look at the cold, white ground and wouldn't leave the porch! Both the girls now enjoy the snow - though it is in Jesse's GENES to be exuberant about it - after all, she hails from upstate NY, home of the killer winters!

So, the new guy...well, last night, Cash went out the door and threw on his brakes so fast I thought he was going to slide right off the porch! He then cautiously walked down the steps and into the grass - nose to the ground investigating the cold, white blanket that had appeared. Then he looked up at me and realized there was more 'white stuff' falling from the sky! Cash went ripping around the yard doing his 'chomp-chomp' thing, no doubt trying to catch the flakes as the fell! He was so cute! Too bad it was too dark to take pictures!

This morning we did manage to get a few pictures. They aren't great due to the light and the lightening speed at which Cash was ripping around in the snow.

He is SOOOO good at stopping his madness for a quick photo op! He always says the same thing...

"What happen? It wasn't me! I a GOOD boy!"