Monday, March 2, 2009

Sophie's rear cross froze over hell...

And now we have almost a foot of snow! Thus, more snow pictures...
Thanks Sophie - Mamma needed a day off after getting up so early all weekend for the trials!

This might be one of my favorite pictures of Miss Sophie Dog... She is such a pretty red girl!

Under all that snow is the Jesse Dog. She likes to roll in snow, nuzzle her face in snow, run in snow, eat snow, etc...

Snow makes the Jesse Dog a very happy red girl!

Then there's that blonde thing...

The dialogue for this portion of the pictures sounds something like this:

the Mamma: "Mr. Cash - look! Cash-man, wanna cookie? Mamma has cookies!" big sigh...Cash wanders off...
the Mamma: "Mr. Cash - COME! Mr. Cash - COME NOW! You little %#*$-er, get your @$$ over here NOW! Cash-man, COME COOKIES NOW!"

the Cash-man: "Mamma, calm down. I'm here now. Pictures are stupid in the snow, but I'll sit for a minute. You better hurry up though..."

the Cash-man: "then I gotta go... It's far more fun to run and play in the snow than sit still for stupid pictures! Ready girls... Let's GO!"

Chaos begins, as the Mamma shuffles into the house to warm up and get more cookies... muttering aloud,

"Stupid %#*$-ing dogs... Please let spring come soon!"

If you too are having a snow day, we all hope you enjoyed it!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What a weekend!

This was the first weekend of agility trials for the area. DCKC trial was held at Dream Park in South Jersey - awesome indoor site!

Cash's family came to visit - Uncle Nikon, half-sister Snapshot, and brother Trey. Kris and Karen Hocker drove them down to compete at the trials. It was great seeing Cash-man's family. This put some real perspective on just how big the youngster has gotten! He dwarfs his brother! Karen took some shots of the boys together - I'll post them as soon as I get them :)

The trip was a great one for Karen and her kids. Huge congrats to Uncle Nikon for going 6 for 6 in Excellent B to complete his MACH 3! And huge congrats to the baby dog - Snapshot - for finishing up her Excellent Titles, earning lots of MACH points, and earning her first double Q toward her MACH! Me thinks Karen and the kids should come down our way more often! We loved having them!

Sophie and I entered for Saturday and Sunday. I really wasn't sure what to expect since its been so long since we last trialed - since NOVEMBER! I spent the week feeling nervous and unprepared...

On Saturday she played well, but had a few moments that blew the Q's. On Sunday though, she pulled it (almost all the way) together for a Q in Open Standard - one wrong course, but her idiot handler sent her there! There are no videos of the qualifying run at the moment - as I had a superstitious moment and realized our last Q was the last run we DIDN'T tape... so I didn't 'officially' tape the run, but some friends taped it anyway! We'll try to link to that video later... Sophie took 2nd place in her Standard run - nice job for the rescue kid!

For now, here's video of the NQ's on Saturday. There are some moments of brilliance in there (look carefully - I swear they're in there!).

OMG - did anyone see that rear cross? Lora and Sophie did a rear cross! No wonder we got a foot of snow today - it's usually a cold day in hell when we pull that move off!!!

Damn table - gotta work on that!

What a fun and memorable weekend! Can't wait till the next trials!