Friday, August 15, 2008

Wrestling with a greased pig

Yes - I KNOW - it would be TONS easier to wash the puppy without the camera around my neck. Yes - I KNOW that taking pictures of every milestone in Cash's life is silly. But, I don't want to forget any of these silly firsts and thus, I will make them all a bit trickier by having the camera around my neck :)
So here is our adventure of the day - Cash's first bath in the tub. His previous baths were given in the big laundry room sink. He doesn't fit there anymore so it was into the the tub...
and quickly OUT of the tub...

But as always, he is too cute! And as I sit here with sopping wet shoes and damp pants and shirt, I am happy that I had the camera in the bathroom to catch these oh-so-fun moments! Next bath will be in the walk in shower where I can close the door and trap him!

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