Sunday, March 1, 2009

What a weekend!

This was the first weekend of agility trials for the area. DCKC trial was held at Dream Park in South Jersey - awesome indoor site!

Cash's family came to visit - Uncle Nikon, half-sister Snapshot, and brother Trey. Kris and Karen Hocker drove them down to compete at the trials. It was great seeing Cash-man's family. This put some real perspective on just how big the youngster has gotten! He dwarfs his brother! Karen took some shots of the boys together - I'll post them as soon as I get them :)

The trip was a great one for Karen and her kids. Huge congrats to Uncle Nikon for going 6 for 6 in Excellent B to complete his MACH 3! And huge congrats to the baby dog - Snapshot - for finishing up her Excellent Titles, earning lots of MACH points, and earning her first double Q toward her MACH! Me thinks Karen and the kids should come down our way more often! We loved having them!

Sophie and I entered for Saturday and Sunday. I really wasn't sure what to expect since its been so long since we last trialed - since NOVEMBER! I spent the week feeling nervous and unprepared...

On Saturday she played well, but had a few moments that blew the Q's. On Sunday though, she pulled it (almost all the way) together for a Q in Open Standard - one wrong course, but her idiot handler sent her there! There are no videos of the qualifying run at the moment - as I had a superstitious moment and realized our last Q was the last run we DIDN'T tape... so I didn't 'officially' tape the run, but some friends taped it anyway! We'll try to link to that video later... Sophie took 2nd place in her Standard run - nice job for the rescue kid!

For now, here's video of the NQ's on Saturday. There are some moments of brilliance in there (look carefully - I swear they're in there!).

OMG - did anyone see that rear cross? Lora and Sophie did a rear cross! No wonder we got a foot of snow today - it's usually a cold day in hell when we pull that move off!!!

Damn table - gotta work on that!

What a fun and memorable weekend! Can't wait till the next trials!

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