Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Thought it was about time to share the 'good shots' from our holiday card shoot :)
Jesse - being the perfect pet as always... put the hat on and she turns into a statue instantly! What a good old gurly she is!
Sophie - though rather disgusted with the idea of WEARING the hat, she thought that holding the holiday toy was quite good and tried to smile with it in her mouth. If only we held the dumbbell that well in obedience...hmmmm...
Cash - Mr. Serious for the pictures...but the minute I put the camera down ~ look out! He's a holly terror the last few weeks. I guess that feeling better and gaining weight equals behaving badly! This is a very serious situation - Santa may not come for Mr. Cash if he continues down the naughty path!
Photo by my wonderful and patient Momma - Carol Durr
Cash, Lora, Jesse and Sophie in the front.
Hope this finds you all happy, healthy and done with your shopping!!!

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Kris said...

Okay, isn't he just the absolute cutest puppy! He reminds me of a couple of handsome boys I know. And the ear... Trey has the exact same thing!