Sunday, December 7, 2008

First snow!!!

It wasn't much, but the first snow to fall and stick began last night about 7:30. It is so much fun to see how a puppy reacts to this monumental event in life. I still remember Jesse's reaction - she went out into the snow, threw herself onto the ground and began making her version of snow angels! Then there was Sophie - quite the girly-girl when it comes to weather! She took one look at the cold, white ground and wouldn't leave the porch! Both the girls now enjoy the snow - though it is in Jesse's GENES to be exuberant about it - after all, she hails from upstate NY, home of the killer winters!

So, the new guy...well, last night, Cash went out the door and threw on his brakes so fast I thought he was going to slide right off the porch! He then cautiously walked down the steps and into the grass - nose to the ground investigating the cold, white blanket that had appeared. Then he looked up at me and realized there was more 'white stuff' falling from the sky! Cash went ripping around the yard doing his 'chomp-chomp' thing, no doubt trying to catch the flakes as the fell! He was so cute! Too bad it was too dark to take pictures!

This morning we did manage to get a few pictures. They aren't great due to the light and the lightening speed at which Cash was ripping around in the snow.

He is SOOOO good at stopping his madness for a quick photo op! He always says the same thing...

"What happen? It wasn't me! I a GOOD boy!"

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