Tuesday, February 3, 2009

more snow!

"Before this gets started, let me just say, that I think its NONSENSE. These two run around like idiots. Don't they know there's work to be done? Skills to practice? All this running, chasing and (ugh) playing...its disgusting...

I mean, the poles are still in the yard guys! We can still train! Stop the sillyness!!!"

"No way Sophie! The boy isn't as agile today - I can actually CATCH him when the white stuff is on the ground!"

(insert sound effects... 'BANG, CRASH, BOOM!' ...think Batman cartoons)

"WHOA Lady! Its called 'playing'! Fun, remember???"

That's right Cash-man, shake it off. The girls are very serious sometimes.
Respect your elders and you will live to see your first birthday.

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Life With Dogs said...

It is amazing how snow inspires. It's like Jolt cola for dogs.