Wednesday, July 8, 2009

OT - there's amazing wildlife living among us...

So before this post gets started, let me apologize for the image quality... It appears that the 75-300 lens is not gonna cut it when shooting wildlife.

Ok - so wildlife...

There is a crane of some sort (Great Blue Heron?) living in the area. A few days ago, Mr. Cash saw it perched upon our agility yard fence - he stalked it like he was some sort of pointing border collie freak. Good boy that he is, he didn't bark at it and scare it away.

I've also seen it flying in and around the pond. But the other day, I saw it with a partner - a mate maybe? Hope so, cause that would be too cool!

Anyway - I did some stalking of my own and got a few shots of this amazing creature - which stands a minimum of four feet tall - and who knows how big the wing span is! Enjoy - and I'll try to be a better stalker next time!

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Deb said...

Awesome photos! I agree they are lovely ... and I have pond envy! ;-) Devon and Page would love to come for a swim!