Monday, October 27, 2008

Beautiful Autumn Afternoon

Took some fun pictures of the gang today. It was such a great afternoon to be outside with them.
First, we have Cash showing off how good he is at the tunnel now. Anyone remember the first picture of him in a tunnel? He was so tiny then - now he actually ducks his head to get in!

Then, we have the little man on the run. I hope that when he is grown he will look a little more graceful while running...those floppy ears are quite a thing to see!

And then we did a little posing... Cash and Sophie on the table - notice, he is bigger than her in height now...and what a nice head he's growing in comparison to the little peanut head of my girl!
and then all three around the table... the light is weird, it makes him look like a little prince basking in the glow with his faithful harem below... HA! Looks are deceiving, aren't they!?!
And finally, the Jesse Dog pops up for a close up and gives the momma a big smile :)

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