Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sophie - Agility 10/26/08 - Willingboro

Today's trouble was all about ME. If I could get in her way, I did. If I get forget my cross, I did. My timing was off and I tried things that we just aren't good enough at to do in a trial. Oh well - at least she counted to 12!
Here is Open Standard - refusal on poles, wrong course after dog walk, refusal of jump 16...

And here is Open Jumpers - wrong end of tunnel, refusal on jump 15, B-E-A-U-tiful weave pole entry and completion...

BTW - does anyone else notice that I need a new shirt? Its one thing to have a favorite, but come on! If I wear this shirt to another trial this year, you have permission to smack me!

Many thanks to Darlene and Oksana for doing a great job running the camera!

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